Torque operates at the nexus of mind, language and technology.  It was founded by Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner in 2012 as an itinerant publisher, arts and curatorial platform.

Torque’s practice is based in public research – we host symposia and publish to share the basis of our making practice as broadly as possible. Our collaborative art works often blend back into the research phase, consisting of installations, interventions, innovative text and digital media works which engage with people’s experience of technology and language in particular. Two iterations of the Torque project have taken us from a broad survey of interesting approaches to thinking the relation of thought, language and technologies, into a more detailed analysis of contemporary reading.

We are currently researching range of reading disorders asking how they might foster new understandings and experiences of reading and the mechanics that underpin it.

Torque projects #1, #2 and Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain have been generously supported by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts.


Get in touch: mail (@) torque torque (dot) net


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