Triptych (mind language technology) installation at Typemotion

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13 November 2014 – 8 February 2015 @ FACT

The publication Torque #1 was presented as part of the Typemotion exhibition, in three formats – printed, digital, and speed reading – utilising bespoke manufacturing processes, from coding and bookbinding, to artisan woodwork and print-on-demand cushions – inviting the reader to discursively explore the texts, their mediums of transmission, and the act of reading.

The publication documented the first iteration of the Torque project, which comprised a programme of research, undertaken in partnership with FACT, that explored the twisting together of language, mind and technology, across symposia, workshops and performance.

The installation’s three-fold and three-dimensional presentation of the publication seeks to articulate some of the diverging feelings evoked by reading in its various forms, as well as questioning the state of modern publishing, and how, what and why we read today.

Chair and shelves crafted by Sebastian Cox in English ash (designed in collaboration with Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner)

Speed reading app coded by Tom Schofield

Speed reading typeface and wall drawing by Sam Skinner

Hard copy printed by and bound by Collis, Bird & Withey,

Print-on-demand cushions designed by Jones and Skinner and printed at, Keighley, West Yorkshire